Why Is Our Cannabis Better? Most edibles on the market are made with 'leftovers’ from the trimming process, often referred to as Shake. Shake consists of small pieces of Cannabis flower that break off of larger buds, and other parts of discarded plant material. Here at Good Stuff, we hold ourselves to a Higher Standard, only using 100% lab-tested, Ontario-produced Cannabis shatter. We believe in Good Food, Good People, and Good Cannabis. Believing in a Higher Purpose, we only use the highest grade Cannabis products to infuse your Good Stuff meals, and promise our clients the Perfect High with every meal.

What Is Lab-Tested Cannabis?

Our Cannabis is 100% lab-tested. Lab-tested Cannabis is superior for 2 key reasons: 1) it is analyzed for traces of contaminants such as mold and pesticides; and 2) it determines the exact percentage of THC and other Cannabinoids present in the plant. Through the dedicated use of lab-tested Cannabis, Good Stuff allows you to effectively and accurately dose your food. With Good Stuff, you can fully customize your mg dosage – tailoring your Cannabis intake to your own personal preference and tolerance.

What Is Shatter?

Butane Hash Oil (BHO) is a form of Cannabis extraction that uses butane as the primary solvent during the extraction process. In the Cannabis industry, it is most commonly referred as BHO or Shatter. When producing BHO, the grade of the starting material is what will determine the quality of the final product. This is accomplished through a gradual series of separation and purification techniques. The outcome of this process varies from artist to artist, depending on the extraction method used. The finished product typically gives the Consumer a product that varies from 75% to 85% THC in a concentrated form, which allows the consumer to medicate efficiently & effectively.

How Is It Made?

The process of making Shatter involves the use of a closed loop extraction system. Cannabis flower is tightly packed into tubes and blasted with butane to separate the trichomes. The solvent/concentrate mixture is collected, then heated to eliminate as much of the butane as possible from the concentrate. This step is called the vacuum purge. The mixture is left to rest and settle into a slab of BHO. Using a close loop system & a vacuum oven are two examples of ideal equipment for safe Cannabis extraction.

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