There’s no room for compromise when we talk about freshness. Here at Good Stuff, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with fresh, high-quality ingredients. We work with suppliers all across Canada to source local ingredients. Our produce is always fresh and in-season, and is directly sourced from local partners and vendors that we know and trust. We have an unwavering commitment to maintain longterm partnerships with local producers, with the goal of encouraging our economy.


All of the ingredients you receive are sourced mainly from farms across Canada and, if this is not possible due to seasonal availability or lack of availability from our local purveyors, we ensure that we’re delivering you ingredients with the best quality/price ratio available on the market. This ensures that all of our ingredients are at their freshest when you receive them at home. Transparency is one of our cherished values, and that’s why there’s no mystery about the origin of our products: at least 85% of the contents of your box are either Canadian products or packaged here in Canada. In addition, when we select our products, we prioritize ingredients without additives or preservatives; we also ensure that our meat, poultry and fish come from ethical, eco-responsible sources.